HUGS Foundation Story

Dianne Vogt started the HUGS Foundation because she saw first hand how both family and financial support is critical to long-term recovery of alcoholic and chemically dependent adolescents. As a volunteer at Oakview Behavioral Health Center, Dianne saw parents coming to terms with the disease of their child’s addiction and their frustration when insurance benefits had been exhausted and more treatment was still needed. She recognized how crucial it is to support dependent adolescents during the recovery process, how parents must be part of the support,  AND a need for a program to bridge the insurance gap and provide additional funds for those in need.

HUGS is that program. We are committed to bringing recovery to families in Northeastern Ohio. Our goal is to help as many families as possible each year defray the cost of residential treatment and extended care for their chemically dependent adolescent.

We want to give the gift of recovery… of HUGS.

Recovery from addiction gives the adolescent choices about how they can move forward and live their life. It gives the addict and their family HOPE for the future; UNDERSTANDING of where they have been and where they want to go; GRATITUDE for those who have helped them and SERENITY to enjoy life and the person that they were meant to be.

HUGS are meant to be given as well as received. It is very important to us that parents & families who receive funds from HUGS are willing to find a personal means of reaching out to others still in need of addiction recovery.