Apply For Assistance


The HUGS Foundation exists to help families defray the cost of residential treatment and extended care for their chemically dependent young person. Our intention is to serve families that have a financial need and demonstrate positive family support for their young person’s recovery from addiction.

HUGS financial assistance applications must be made by an independently licensed clinician who is familiar with the young person and the family’s needs. To access the application, visit our FORMS page. Upon receipt and initial review, each case is then reviewed by three independently licensed clinicians who support the mission of the HUGS Foundation. After review and approval by the Advisory Board, disbursement of funds to the appropriate recovery center takes place on behalf of the young person and family.

Funding can be approved for treatment services, room and board or transportation costs. In your application, please be specific about what costs the family needs assistance with.

The HUGS Foundation holds the sincere expectation that any family served will find a way to “pay it forward” after treatment has occurred. We do not expect just financial repayment – we only ask that families find a personal means of reaching out to others in need of addiction recovery. The Hope, Understanding, Gratitude and Serenity of recovery are gifts that are to be shared and multiplied.

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If you have any questions at all, please contact Dianne Vogt at 216-521-5568.