The Blessings of Sobriety

Three years ago, would I have been able to recognize myself today? I wear business attire, I’m honest with my boss and I work harder than I think I should. That’s only the beginning of what distinguishes me from who I was before recovery.

The blessings of my sobriety are immeasurable, each and every day I fight to defend these blessings. By offering my hand to other people my age in recovery, I intend to give every addict a chance. Whether or not they want this for themselves, I try keeping them around long enough for them to see at least one blessing of sobriety, hoping they will stick around for more.

Being honest with myself is the most important part of my sobriety. If I am not honest with myself, I am unable to be honest with others. Honesty helps me to tell on myself when I do the wrong thing, giving others an opportunity to help me.

Speaking at the HUGS Gala, I was reminded of why I fight for my sobriety. After speaking, I received so many wonderful compliments and reminders of why I stay sober today. It warms my heart to know that, by sharing my story, I was able to encourage so many people to donate to HUGS, expanding the scholarship fund that I needed so desperately.

My life, relationships, and behavior are completely different today. Without my sobriety, who knows where I would be?

HUGS made such an incredible impact on my sobriety and it will do the same for many more to come. Thank you for giving addicts like me a chance, you’ve truly changed our lives.